HRCodWar - Features

We will try to summarize the features of the campaign, what you can do within the system, reviewing their entities and their functioning, hope you make a better idea of how it works.

  • Creating dynamic forces per side and squadron: As in the SEOW system from some initial templates for each side where the commanders position their forces and distribute their resources according to deem appropriate, the novelty in HRCodWar is there a template for each squad, so that each squadron is responsible his own army and resources.
  • Multi squad management: As discussed in the previous point each squadron is responsible for his troops (who only will obey their orders) and resources (supplying his army), but this does not remove so you can collaborate squadrons own the same side "transferring" troops and resources a squadron more needed.
  • The bases and their aircrafts: The bases belong to a squadron and stored in hangars a limited number of aircrafts available and repair. A pilot of a single squadron can take aircrafts of their aircrafts while there available, will be discounted one when you create , and when you return with him, of course will add one. If when you return needs to be repaired will pass at the hands of mechanics and can not fly away.
    Therefore, you can not grab aircrafts bases of the others squadrons, unless authorized by a commander of that squadron . You can move aircrafts from one base to another simply taking them and flying up the destination base (which need not be the same squadron).
  • The bases and their Resources : When a pilot elects an aircraft and its cargo kilos of fuel and ammo, this making use of the resources available at the base and will be deducted. These resources are stored in warehouses scattered around the base, in groups of 4 we find storing fuel, ammunition, bombs and repair kits. If the enemy attacks these goals often end up diminishing the activity of the base irremediably and probably stay inoperative for lack of resources, but do not trust!, when an enemy you surprised entering by your six, you tend not to ask you if you really "getting serious" or stored in its wings more than just empty ammunition belts ... when in doubt it is better to break.
    When you come home, you have leftover shells unused, return to their origin stores, not so with the fuel, we don´t have found way to date of this writing, the consumption figure, but if the initial charge, so rest assured you will be granted full "soup" that you put on exit.
  • The bases and their owners:The bases explained as the following entities (excluding power plants) have owners and are for a specific squadron, however can enlist another squadron on the same side going all resources under their control. You can conquer the enemy seizing their resources equally (if you let them) but not of their aircrafts, the aircrafts are automatically destroyed.
  • Ports: Are sectors where you can embark and disembark troops directly (in the same turn), out of ports or embarkation a landing barges mounted, being more vulnerable to air attacks and need to spend the day to complete the operation.
  • Factories: They manufacture each day in creation units, which can be switched on manufacturing resources (ammunition, bombs or repair kits), (land) units devices. The factories belong to a squadron and can enlist other on the same side. Equally you can conquer with its consequences. If they are destroyed will be rebuilt automatically after a number of days.
  • Shipyards: The shipyards are factories in the port sector. They can only build ships. The rest of the effects, behave like a normal factory.
  • Refineries: They are able to refine fuel in each day that are stored in the refinery itself. You have to create columns transportation fuel from the refinery to get it out and bring them to a base. The refineries are in a squadron and can enlist to another on the same side. Equally you can conquer with its consequences. If they destroy, reconstructed automatically after some days.
  • Power Plants: Located on lakes, supplying electricity to the industries of each side, without power you can not manufacture, if low supply will be manufactured less, however, if more power plants are captured ...Your factories will yield more!. The power plants do not belong to any squadron, are the sides. If they destroy, reconstructed automatically after some days.
  • Ground Units: Tanks, AAA, artillery, transport columns. Each unit specific sectors moves per turn.
  • Naval Units: Cargo ship and destroyers. The destroyers can have multiple uses, however Cargo ship practically used for one thing, to load. Embark and disembark units from coast to coast to carry out invasions, protect them!.
  • Ground or aerial Supplies: Nothing is forever in this life, and fuel, ammunition, bombs repair kits or even fewer. Transport them overland supply columns from base to base, or a base factories. You can also make flight supplies, only aircraft them to accept, is faster but you can charge less.
  • Market and stock exchange : How well does your side or how badly does the opposite pays off, your faction's reputation in international markets can result in points added to your factories, but watch out !, not always sell is the solution.
  • Wounds and medical history: Registration wounds and amputations pilot in his medical history. You can end up with permanent medical leave or dead.
  • Penalty-/Bonus Points: The server will disconnect you from the game and denied access for a few minutes if one of the following circumstances happens: You die, you are captured or abandon your aircraft in flight (regardless if you're a pilot or crew).
  • Rescues: Do you fall into enemy territory?, You have landed and no one has seen you?, Why risk crossing hostile territory to the front and be captured?, Given your situation Radio your comrades and let some brave come to rescue you, if it lands near you can spend your plane and go all out safely from embarrassing situation.
  • IA does not exist: Any aircraft you see flying be certain that after the controls there is a human.
  • Real Time: Hours flown advancing the clock on the next mission will begin from where it was I just.
  • Enemy?... where? ¿what happend?: All I know is that the enemy is there any other information about your strengths and what you will and where their industries or anything else, you have to find out "by hand".
  • Destroy or conquer?: It's something you have to decide when the time comes.

In any case, any explanation is always short, remember that you can download the campaign manual here to really understand how it works.