HRCodWar - FAQ

FAQ, ¿how? ¿what? ¿when? ¿why?

Variables in red correspond to conf.ini.

  • Sometimes when coming back to my base it unloads my fuel and sometimes no, ¿why?: Sadly, COD´s API doesn´t allow to calculate fuel consumption, only register the fuel weight you used when creating the plane. So when coming back to base (when you leave the plane) we can not calculate the remaining fuel weight in the deposit so could be restore to the base total. Nonetheless if the plane doesn´t take off at all then all the fuel will be restored, and the same if you do take off but less than segundos_vuelo_corto seconds since you left the ground, you land and then leave the plane.
  • Why do a create my plane and then I start far from the hangars or on the hills?: COD bases had numerous problems with respawn places (where the planes turn up), they had all sort of problems and each commander should "block" them so they can´t be used because your plane by using these points can be respawn in same places where it will explode or be trapped being impossible moving from there. By doing these, a base could be left with very few respawn plsvrd and if every one is occupied and don´t move from there as to free the respawn place, any other plane trying to be created in the same place will then. To solve this you just need to wait patienly until the "safe" hangars had been freed by the other pilots and you will be created there (inside the hangar).
  • When I choose a base, an airplane and its load, when created I find myself with all of the avalaible planes in COD, Why?: Planes in the base inventary are linked with the own "real" object in the game, when you click on a base and choose an airplane and its load you are, in fact, seeing the characteristic of an object that exist in this moment on the map. However, when in the base inventary a new object is added (a plane not belonging to that base) or it is removed (a pilot choose the last plane of this type in the base inventary) the only way to show that in the game is by erasing the object from the base inventary and creating a new inventary with the planes actually availables. In this moment, if you were choosing an airplane, or its load, the game can´t show it to you (as this objet does no longer exist in this base) and it will show you all the avalaible planes by default. This problem can´t be avoided and the only solution is to click somewhere else in the map and then choose it again when you will see, at last, the real list of planes available at that moment. In any case, if in the default list, you would try to choose and unlisted plane in the base, the system won´t allow you to create it as it will compare it with the campaign real inventary.
  • What happens if a left a plane in an airbase belonging to an squadron different thant mine: They would truly thank you and give you a lift back to your base. The plane will stay where it landed, in the squadron inventary, if you want it back, try that the commander of this base authorize you a loan. Booze and tobbaco usually work well.
  • I am returning with my plane shot to pieces, I am not sure if a will make it to the base what should I do?: Try to get as close as possible to any friendly airbase, be it your own squadron´s one o any other ally´s, If you land close enough (a metros_rango_base metros de la base) the plane could be retrieve and subsequently repaired, if can not be retrieve......well, it will be considered lost.
  • If I conquer a base, can I fly with its planes?: No, base planes will be inactivated, nonetheless you will have all base remaining resources avalaible for you... if there is anything left.
General operation
  • Chat is not working, Anything I write down is seen by the enemy: Theoretically, is working, but that is the way it very well. We musn´t forget that CloD is a non finished sim, chat gestion is less than satisfactory. Surely, It doesn´t matter the chanel you choose to send the orders to, the enemy will be able to read them randomly or systematically. It is an unavoidable probmel although server answer will ONLY be red by your side. The advice is to use the web to program the orders as much as posible as being free of the chat interface will avoid this problem. In any case it is always better to avoid any reference to sensible sectors or infraestructures as aerodromes, factories etc... referring to them just by their number. In most occasions, when you send a chat command if the enemy read it won´t be vastly relevant unless you constantly ask information about a sector supposedly empty...
  • I can´t see enemy resources on the map, How am I going to destroy them?: Obviously, you will need to recon them before. In HRCodWar recon are as esenttial as they are in real. Location of those resoucces is always secret and vital.
  • Seriously?, Don´t you know I can record a track of the sesion and discover everything with the external camera view?: Of course, but it is expected of you to be an adult and to enjoy the campaign without cheating. There is no way to avoid it if you want, but if you do........shame on you.
  • Often, when I left the plane the server kick me off and punish me, I am accused of leaving the plane when still flying, Why?: Even if it looks simple, actually it is not easy to distinguish between a pilot that leaves the game in the middle of a fight from another that does it when landed. Therefore, as a rule, any plane that is left when still moving trigger this punishment. To avoid this we only have to leave the plane when is completely still, please read the following line.
  • How do I leave a plane?: The correct way for leaving a plane que have created ourself is, always, by making sure is completely stationary (sometimes it can slid on a slope so we have to apply brakes or hope it gets to even ground). Then we have two options, we hit "escape" and then click on our flag (The server will ask us if we want to leave the plane) or we can use the command >EXIT, devised for when there is no flag (a well known bug).
  • If I am captured, What happens?: If you have to leave the plane or to bail out behind enemy lines you can get yourself in an awkard situation with high chances or being captured. If you are captured... pain resistance is different between different people but it is always limited. You will end up giving vital information about your side and squadron to the enemy, From your resources and location of your airbase and even the situation of factories, refineries or power stations. Please read the following line.
  • How do I avoid being captured?: Obvious answers aside, if you are forced to bail out try to get as close to the border. The closer you are the easier for your own side troops to help you. If you think you aren´t going to make it, you can, at least, get to a sector with friendly troops in it (evein if it is within enemy territory). That will greatly enhance your chances of finding friendly troops. If you can´t make it but your plane is still sound for a force landing read the following line.
  • Rescues?, How do they work?: Above all, don´t leave your plane, i.e don´t bail out. You must crash-land your plane y stay inside it (That is easy as CloD won´t allow you to jump once landed). Right after that, I friend with a plane with free positions (other IA controlled seats) should land close to your wreckage (a metros_rango_rescate metros), then must be you (the one who needs to be rescued) who gets inside your rescuer plane by typing a chat command, ej: >RESCUE NICK RESCUER PILOT, so, if you are close and the rescuer plane isn´t moving (it is completely stationary, you´ll jump into his plane occupaying one of the IA´s seats. So if you are able to take off and come back to base it will have a happy ending :) , obviously if we don´t pay much attention about being chewed off by your commander for losing a valious plane.
  • Is there air supply?, How does it works?: Review command for loading and unloading in chat reference here. You must choose an airplane suitable for the task. You can see it in "Current Configuration" -> "Air Supply" here. Logical step would be:
    • Create the plan and, before starting engines, load the supply you need.
    • Take off and go to the airbase in need.
    • Land and with the engine off unload the supplies. Two situations can arise
      1. If you had planned to leave the plane in that same airbase there is no need for doing the unloading operation, just leave the plane as usual as the plane and all its load will be asigned to the airbase.
      2. If you need to unload and go back to your previous airbase or to supply another airbase, unload everything or only what is needed, take off and go to the second airbase to be supplied with the rest of your cargo or just carry on with your mission.
  • I died in the previous mission, Where are my statistics?: They doesn´t exist anymore, When you die....bye bye, although that can be inactivated with the reset_estadisticas.
  • In the previous mission I was injured and have one of my arms amputated, ¿are you serious?: I am afraid is true, HRCodWar keep a medical record. If the wound is severe enough the surgeon won´t have any option but to amputate a limb in order to save your life. If you lose essential limbs for active duty you will be decommissioned. Practically that is like dying, your statistics will be erased and reset. You will be decommissioned due to medical reasons when you have:
    • Both legs amputated.
    • Both arms amputated.
    • Both eyes enucleated.
    • Partial lung excision.
  • can I avoid to finish my days in a wheel chair?: When you are injured in combat, the time is against you. Every minute you expend in the air is a minute your wounds are worsening, You must weight the benefit of keep on fighting (with the risk of an amputation) or coming back to base (any allied one) to be put in care of the medical team. A priori you don´t know the severety of your wounds, But the system will tell you with on screen messages your health status, the frequency and urgency in their appareances will give you clues.... In any case, the best you can do is to come back to base inmediately. Remember you can always check your health status with: >HEALTH.
  • I can´t equip supply convoys, I don´t what´s happening: You must review the variables of conf.ini that control these characteristics, minimum and maximum, that are suministro_tierra_minimo_xxx and suministro_tierra_maximo_xxx, and, over all, creation costs. Every supply convoy has a creation cost, that can come as creation points when done in the factories or as Kg of fuel when done in the refineries or bases, those costs are coste_suministro_tierra and coste_suministro_fuel each one. It is easy you wouldn´t be considering those costs when you are programming your orders, if done alive, ground personal will tell you the reason.
  • I destroyed a supply convoy but in the next mission they are still there, How can they be destroyed?: The same way you were doing, What happened is that you didn´t destroy its load completely. Every supply convoy comprised of AAA vehicle and 4 trucks each one with its load, sharing a 25% of the total amount each. If you attack the convoy but only destroy 2 of them means you are only depriving the convoy of 50% of their supplies. In the following mission.....convoy crew confiscate two more trucks from nearby farms and distribute the load between the 4 trucks again :). So if you want to destroy and completely cancel and enemy supply convoy you´ll need to attack and destroy the 4 trucks in the same mission.
  • How can I conquer enemy resources and make them work for me: For doing so you must move your troops close to the resource, being it a factory, refinery, power plant... what ever. You must provide inside a determined range of metros_conquista from the resource a sufficient amount of troops during a mission to conquer it, as a general rule, Your troops number must be higher than your enemy´s by the ratio proporcion_conquista.
  • I don´t understand how mission time is configured: The system make the day last always segundos_mision_sin_final seconds, then it will calculate in an random way an extra time lasting between segundos_mision_final_min and segundos_mision_final_max seconds. This last calculation is shown in the game screen when the time is come and nothing else until is it 1 minute to finish (with a countdown). So is it a good idea to check the cockpit clock.
  • Does the time advance after every mission?: True, campaign is real time. If the mission last 4 hours then the mission file will be updated adding those 4 hours for the next one starting when this one finished.
  • It is getting dark and we don´t see a thing, Must be fly in the dark?: No if you don´t want it. The hrcodwar.mis can be edited in the line TIME choosing the time you want in the morning, for example TIME 10
Mission Report
  • I´ve got my enemy shot to pieces and the report says nothing about it. Doesn´t the report work?: ClOd can register all these type of events, every part of the plane, who shot to it, wich munition was used and when etc... But to register that, in the mission report, means to use many hours of developing time in an already tight time schedule so, sadly, we decided to use that time to implement other more interesting characteristics for the campaign. Maybe, in a future, all these events can be registered, but right now, the system only register when a plane is destroyed, non when is damaged.
  • I see events referring to a plane model followed by "#" What does it mean?: Theoreticaly, after "#" should follow plane number, usually the number every superticious pilot love to fly with. That is how the plane is identified in the report. If you usually choose number 13 to fly with means all the events relate to you.
  • Sometimes I see FZG() with numbers inside, What does it means?: That means the event happened outside the battle area and the sector couldn´t be registered. If, for example, you bail out outside the battle area the system will consider you captured every single time. It is a penalty as you shouldn´t fly outside the battle area.
The stock market
  • We are really good! we do nothing and our reputation numbers don´t stop growing: Not exatcly, what happens is that your enemy is....well, not very good. Their mistakes will give them a very bad reputation and good one for you, that will give you reputation points to your side, that is why they grow even if you are doing nothing. If the oppoiste side plan an offensive and end up being a disaster, losing lots of planes and pilots... what do think will be the main new in the New York Times front page tomorrow?.
  • But, how does it really works? ¿What are the reputation points good for?: If you destroy one of your enemy factory you´ll earn reputation points, if you conquer an airbase you´ll earn reputation points, if you destroy an airplane or kill its pilot, you´ll earn reputation points. All of these will grant you the stock markets confidence so they will buy your reputation points as an investment (you know, money only flag is.....avarice). So, the stock markets works with a reference value that is mercado_reputacion of conf.ini. You will get 1 generation point for some of your factories by each mercado_reputacion reputation point sold. But, if you are the side with the best reputation, markets will trust your side better than your enemy in order to regain its money, and will give a price lower than mercado_reputacion, but never lower than 1. If in the other hand your side is really underperforming it may give you higher prices than mercado_reputacion. In brief, you have to sell mercado_reputacion reputation points in order to get 1 creation point.
  • And how do I actually know at what price they are buying my reputation points: There is a command that will tell you, in real time, the stock market evolution: >MARKETS. On the web you can also see the evolution in the strategic map screen. In the "Reputaion and markets" area, there are 4 variables that drive the markets.
    1. Reputation points as such.
    2. Current tendency: In the web is the thumb up or down and tell whether your side won more or less reputation points than in the last mission.
    3. accumulated tendency: Is the sum, in units, of the current tendency, i.e, if you have been adding more points every one of the last 5 misision you´ll have a +5, but if you do 4 good missions but in the 5th your puntuation is lower than the 4th you´ll have a +3.
    4. Random fluctuation: Stock market are very volatile and never will give you the same price under the same conditions, there is a random variable you won´t control that´ll prevent you for making too much exact calculations although it won´t affect the price too much. If you ask for information or reload the web page many times you´ll find the price is never the same but it will give you and ide or maximum and minimum prices.
    Based on these variables stock markets will give you a price for every of your reputation points. But always starting as a reference of mercado_reputacion.
  • Ok, I get it, When can we start selling reputation points?: Whenever you want. You can program the selling in the web batch orders or in real time during the mission. But remember, as soon as you sell and your side loose all your reputation points all the condintion will change both for your army and for you adversary. Don´t forget that if you program the selling with batch orders you´ll never know whether and allied squad has sold theirs before you so you calculations and ordes can become totally wrong if si ajustas mucho la venta, because after the other squad sells, the market will buy you more expensive the points.
  • Ok, so I will sell everything for getting as much points as possible: Well, that is your choice. Remember that points belong to your side and you should collaborate with the rest of squad to decide who is going to recieve the points after this selling. Furthemore, If you sell everything, your opponent will become the dominant seller and will get the best prices as your side is void of any know, stock markets have a very short memory :)
  • Where you put in front of a firing squad after implementing this characteristic?: Yes :( ...
Template creation
  • Respawn blockers don´t seem to work. When the planes are created they respawn in those locations, why?: The blocker objet must be just on top of the respawn point so Clod will decide there is another plane already created there. For example, We got an hangar we want to avoid to use and there is two conflictive respawn points, one north and one south. If we put the respawn point in the middle it won´t occupy none of the two respawn locations. You must create two blockers occupying both locations:

    Respawn object bad   Respawn object ok

  • No hay forma de que me acepte las centrales eléctricas, ¿que puedo hacer?: La aceptación de las centrales eléctricas estan gobernadas por dos reglas que se activan en el conf.ini llamadas:
    • Water_existence: This is the most basic rule and gets activated with centrales_activa_regla_agua=true. What this rule does is to look for water within a determined range of rango_central_busca_agua meters, in the four cardinal points, from the objet. In theory, a power plant should always be situated close to a water source (like lakes, big rivers, river mouths etc....).
    • Presence of ground in the outside: This rule is more complicated to achieve as it try to make sure the power plant is inside of a lake or, at least, inland and not offshore. It gets activated with centrales_activa_regla_tierra=true and what it does is to look for land within a range that is half the length of sector (defined by the battle are of .mis) in the 4 cardinal points. The purpose of this rule is, in one hand, to avoid any cheating but also big problems in case your map zone is void of big lakes, river mouths etc.... So, if needed, and providing fairness by both sides, it can be deactivated.
  • Ok I undestand plant location rules but the system doesn´t detected them yet. What should I do?: Sometimes what happens is that you have rango_central_busca_agua too high and if you put your plant in an small lake or river the system won´t detect it. Also it can happens that when looking for land in any cardinal point detect another river and "thinks" it is the sea and won´t allow you to put the plant there. Let´s say we can located our plant on this lake:

    Power Plant - HRCODWAR

    We got first rule activated with an small range. The system detect water in the four cardinal points and authorize the rule as true.

    Power Plant - HRCODWAR

    Let´s see the second rule. It must detect water within a range equal to half the sector length, Let´s say that is the distance represented here:

    Power Plant - HRCODWAR

    Observ the north, the coordinate to study is just on a river. The system won´t accept the power factory because isn´t surrounded by ground.

    Power Plant - HRCODWAR

    Solution?, it´s easy. Move it slightly in any direction and try again, probably it will let you after a couple of attemps.