HRCodWar - Cliffs of Dover - Dynamic Campaign

What is HRCodWar?, right question (by the way not is this :D), let us try to answer it briefly.

If you are a veteran from the IL2-Sturmovik saga, names like Bellum, AirForce War, Air Domination War, SEOW and probably Lowengrin shall be familiar to you. HRCodWar was inspired by them.

It develops a dinamyc campaign for human players, allowing independent squads fighting in the same side and making necessary a complex resource management involving all the war activities we have been able to recreate using the simulator.

The main technical feature is that it uses no standar data base and therefore requires no special installation (read here), (just the libraries to handle data exported in text files written in json format), working all the system with text files stored on your server (dedicated or not).

This files are stored in a subdirectory (automatically created if it does not exist) called /data_battles where also will be saved backups of all the played missions.

HRCodWar is launched as a standard mission. In the first launch (mission nº 0) the system reads a subdirectory called /templates, where previously all the squads have stored their own templates, and merges them all creating the battlefield and the initial front line.

Unlike in a SEOW system, all troop movements and resources management can be done in real-time through typed commands in chat line (read here) or programming them via web through this page you are in.

It means that HRCodWar works both ways, either independently or assisted from the web project you are looking at and you can download from the Downloads section here.

The day to day running of the campaign is simple. Each squadron combat for achieving the goals which they set for their side, in cooperation with the rest of the troops of the other squads. True, it is strictly not necessary that cooperation between squadrons on the same side, but ultimately, it will be more productive and beneficial to the common goal, which is simply to win the war and go back home.

The vast majority of the features of the campaign (read here) are oriented in that way to help collaborating squads to make strategic decisions that will urge when resources are scarce.

Right now you should have about four million questions, do not worry, try downloading the users manual in here and it will help.

Thanks for reading this far, hope this brief explanation allowed you to make at least a slight idea.